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Dr. Tu on PBS tpt

Dr. Tu Acknowledges Our Work on PBS “Shifting Opioid Attitudes And Policies”

On Friday, September 7. Dr. Harold Tu from the University of Minnesota Dental School was featured in the tpt Almanac series. The feature explored the current trends in opioid prescribing and the growing number of opioid overdose deaths in the state of Minnesota. Dr. Tu explains some solutions to the crisis, including answering directed questions about the use of naloxone in communities.

What about naloxone, the shot? Is it helping the problem?

A frequent question of those new to the understanding of what naloxone is and how it works. In short, the experts answered honestly and factually. It has definitely provided a much-needed tool to communities. Naloxone, the life-saving medication with the power of reversing an opioid overdose, can be carried and administered by any person in the state of Minnesota. The wide use of naloxone tackles the opioid crisis as an intervention component. In contrast, education and reduced prescribing are examples of prevention components. Naloxone, however, is used when a person has already overdosed. Typically the victim is already addicted to opioids or is using drugs recreationally. It is critical to have both components working together to address the crisis. Naloxone provides an individual with a chance for recovery – after resuscitating him or her from a nearly fatal overdose.

I think we ought to compliment the nonprofit organization, the Steve Rummler Hope Network, for championing that and making this a nation-wide initiative.


Sean O'Donnel


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