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Ian’s Story

Outgoing. Compassionate. Everyone’s friend. Lacrosse player. Tennis player. Comfortable in any circle. Handsome. Would talk to anyone for hours. Lead guitarist. Playful brother. Loving son. So many words describe Ian. The one that “doesn’t fit” is addict. His drug addiction took his life the day after his 19th birthday in September of 2009, but addict is not a word his friends or I use to describe him. We remember an athlete from Edina High School. We remember the kid who would bring home his friends who had no place else to go, the gifted musician, the guy who looked out for his brother, the son who would say to me after an argument, “You know I love you, right?”

I’m a Registered Nurse and I remember so many details of the day my son died. I remember that he had plans to go to dinner with a friend, that he had just gone to the bank to get some money for the evening, and that I had gone to dinner with my friend. I recall coming home after dinner to find Ian unconscious, and then calling 911. I remember the feeling of my mouth on his as I gave him breaths and performed CPR. I can remember that the first police officer on the scene, who had known Ian since he was 10 years old, responded to my request for Narcan, the antidote that could have saved Ian’s life, with, “Star, I don’t have any Narcan.” What I don’t remember is if anyone ever actually told me that Ian was gone. They could have, but I don’t remember – I might have known simply by the looks on everyone’s faces.

I’m now speaking out, volunteering and advocating for Steve’s Law. I want to honor my son’s memory by making sure another mom doesn’t have to endure what I remember in such detail. I also hope in working for this bill that my son’s legacy of compassion for so many will carry on. This happened to an athletic, outgoing, loving teenager and his family – it can happen to anyone. I still know and care about a number of Ian’s friends. I’m working to ensure that this never happens to any of them.

– Star Selleck
Volunteer, the “Touched By” group, Steve Rummler Hope Foundation




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