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Deadly Heroin Arrives in Twin Cities – Foundation Takes Immediate Action

steve-rummler-hope-foundationOvernight, on October 29, there were 5 overdoses in the Twin Cities in the space of one hour. The likely culprit is a batch of bad heroin, similar to the one that caused 74 deaths in Chicago in 72 hours earlier this month. People will use this deadly heroin, but they do not have to die. Naloxone, a medication that can temporarily reverse the effects of an opioid overdose, is available for anyone in the Twin Cities.

The foundation held two emergency Naloxone trainings two days after this overnight crisis. This tragic story is hitting home to so many families and SRHF is desperate to make it stop. People need to be educated on Naloxone and Steve’s Law.

The foundation received a lot of wonderful news coverage after hosting these emergency trainings. SRHF is thankful the word is being spread in hopes to stop more families and friends from suffering deaths that can be prevented.

Here are the links to the news articles statewide:

This surge in overdoses makes it clearer than ever that it is critical to get live-saving naloxone into the hands of the people who need it most. Lexi Reed Holtum, is available to speak on the deadly heroin batch and naloxone. Please email Cassie at or call her at 262-510-5624 to arrange an interview.

Additionally, the community can help distribute naloxone in Minnesota by donating $1 or more to the Steve Rummler Hope Foundation on Indiegogo.

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