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Janie Colford

Board Chair

Janie, originally a farm girl from Ohio, now considers herself a Minnesotan after having moved to the Twin Cities 30 years ago. Most of those 30 years were spent working for Prudential and raising a family. She is married and has 5 children ranging in age from 6 to 27. Janie became involved in working with the Steve Rummler Hope Foundation after her nephew, Drew Miller, died of a heroin overdose in March 2013. It was after finding out that the first responder who came to her sister’s house didn’t have Naloxone (the life saving drug that could have saved him) that she reached out to the Steve Rummler Hope Foundation to say she wanted to help get the important bill they were working on – Steve’s Law – passed. Janie also has a son that is afflicted with the disease of addiction thus furthering her determination to make a difference and bring awareness to the overprescribing of prescription pain medication and the dangers of overdose from these prescriptions and from heroin. Janie joined the Steve Rummler HOPE Foundation board of directors in 2014. With her retirement from Prudential in 2014, has had more time to dedicate to activities that will make a difference and save lives.


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