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Support Our Bill at the Minnesota Caucuses Tonight (2/6/18)

Caucuses are the perfect opportunity to discuss key issues and elect delegates that can advocate for proposed resolutions. To prepare for this important day, we’ve composed a resolution in support of our Opioid Family Recovery Act. We are encouraging all of our partners to attend their caucus meeting with a copy of our resolution to present to caucus organizers.

Caucuses are scheduled to begin at 7pm across the state. Meeting locations are determined by precinct.

Click here to find your precinct caucus location.


HF 1440 / SF 730

BE IT RESOLVED: That the [Democratic/Republican] party support the Opioid Family Recovery Act, legislation that would combat the opioid crisis by requiring opioid manufacturers to pay a stewardship fee to be used for narcan/naloxone purchase, child protection, treatment centers, education, grants, and PMP Record Integration.


  • In 2007, Purdue Pharma pled guilty to misleading the public about opioids’ addictive nature. The company settled for $600 million, but still continues to sell opioids today.


  • Four out of every five new heroin users started with an opioid prescription. Two Minnesotans die each day from opioid-related overdose.


  • The Opioid Family Recovery Act would require manufacturers of opioids to pay an additional fee to be able to dispense these drugs in the state of Minnesota. The fee will be based on the strength of the opioid.


  • Opioid strength can be measured by its morphine equivalent. The Opioid Family Recovery Act would require opioid manufacturers to pay one cent per morphine milligram equivalent.


  • This fee is an increase in existing licensing fees that manufacturers already pay to the Board of Pharmacy to sell opioids. The funds obtained from this fee will be used to offset the current taxpayer burden of the opioid epidemic.


  • The Board of Pharmacy has estimated the revenue of the bill will be about $15-22 million per year.

Alicia Haugh


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