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“Time For Increased Accountability”

Dr. Chris Johnson, a board member of the Steve Rummler Hope Network, wrote an article which was published in MN Physician. The article, titled “One Year After Prince’s Death. Time for Increased Accountability”, specifically mentions the importance of prevention when examining solutions to the opioid crisis. More importantly, he points to recent legislation, originally proposed by the Steve Rummler Hope Network, which calls for an increase in opioid distributors existing licensing fee to $0.01 per morphine milligram equivalent. The accumulated funds from this bill would provide funding for programs and resources in Minnesota, to help remedy the crisis and prevent continued increases in opioid related deaths.  Furthermore, the legislation named the Opiate Product Stewardship Bill could provide relief for taxpayers as it would create another source of funding, other than the State’s general operating budget, to combat the crisis. The Opioid Product Stewardship Bill was included in Governor Mark Dayton’s Budget for Minnesota.

His complete article can be read here.

Sean O'Donnel


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