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Governor Mark Dayton and Lt. Governor Tina Smith Includes Opiate Product Stewardship in Minn. Supplemental Budget

SRHN Provides Overdose Prevention Training for North Dakota Residents

The executive director of the Steve Rummler HOPE Network trained Fargo Cass Public Health, a group of North Dakota residents and professionals, how to recognize and prevent an opioid overdose. Similar to other communities, prescription opioid and heroin deaths have become a grim reality for Fargo, ND. Lexi continues to propel

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Luke’s Story

Luke had incredible green eyes, a million dollar smile, and a vibrant presence that could change the mood in any room simply by walking in. It would surprise many that Luke struggled with anxiety and depression most of his life. It was one of the reasons he continuously worked to

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Lizzie’s Story

My daughter and Sarah’s little sister died April 7th, 2013 from an accidental overdose of prescription pain medication that she had only been on for a little over 2 months. Liz was a 28 year old young woman with her life ahead of her. She loved being a CNA for

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A Night of Music and Heroin Overdose Reversal Training Open to the Public: Medium Rustic, Frog leg and The Gooneybirds

NightofMusic_MediaAlert_SRHF_January15_2017 January 20, 2017 FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE A Night of Music and Heroin Overdose Reversal Training Open to the Public Medium Rustic, Frog Leg and The Gooneybirds WHAT: The Annual Night of Music is a charity event hosted by the Steve Rummler Hope Foundation. At this event, there will be

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Garret’s Story

My son, Garret James Bethke was born on July 13, 1986. Garret’s disease took his life on October 28, 2014. My beautiful child died of a heroin/meth overdose.  My life changed forever. When you have a child in active addiction, we all know that the knock on the door or the phone

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Ryan’s Story

On July 10th, 2014 my son Ryan died of a heroin overdose. He struggled with the disease of addiction for 1 ½ to 2 years. An addiction that began with marijuana, then opiates and moved to heroin. The progression was rapid. Ryan was the oldest of our 4 children. Just 23 years

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Ashley’s Story

On June 22, 2013 I lost my only child, my beautiful twenty nine year old daughter Ashley (see photo). She was tragically taken from this world because 911 was not called in time of her critical need for help. The person at her side was on probation with upcoming court

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