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Spotlight on Recovery: Alesha Clausen

Sackler family knew but denied and downplayed risks of opioids, stigmatized addicted people, then moved to profit from addiction

Attorney General Keith Ellison’s office filed an unredacted complaint that shows that the family that controls Purdue paid themselves $4B in profit from opioids, while calling addicted people ‘criminals,’ ‘scum of the earth’ — then exploiting addiction treatment as an ‘attractive market’ that is ‘naturally linked’ to the crisis they

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Minnesota Department of Human Services Seeking Applicants for Opioid Epidemic Response Advisory Council (OERAC)

Minnesota Department of Human Services Commissioner Tony Lourey has posted applications for the Opioid Epidemic Response Advisory Council (OERAC). The Advisory Council will have 19 voting members, appointed by the commisioner, except as otherwise specified, and three nonvoting members. The council will be comprised of the following: two members of the

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Surge in fentanyl use offsets Minnesota’s progress in opioid crisis

Powerful illicit synthetics are offsetting progress against the epidemic. By Jeremy Olson Star Tribune Minnesota has seen proportionately fewer opioid-related deaths than the rest of the nation, and a decline in fatal heroin overdoses, but the state’s progress has been negated by a surge of drug use involving potent synthetic drugs such

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Signing of Opioid Bill

President Trump Signs Opioid Package Into Law

One year ago, President Trump declared the opioid crisis a public health emergency. Last Wednesday, the opioid package was signed into law with $8.5 billion allocated for opioid solutions. This will provide critical funding to the states to combat the growing opioid crisis across America. Key components of the bill include funding for

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America Is FED UP!

This past weekend, hundreds of activists, organizations and families gathered on Freedom Plaza in Washington D.C. for the sixth annual FED UP! Rally. Just over a month after cities across the country unified by holding local FED UP! Rallies on August 31st, International Overdose Awareness Day, a weekend of events

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committee testimony

FDA Committee Votes Against Approval of New Opioid

On June 26, advocates of the Steve Rummler HOPE Network testified to an FDA panel opposing the approval of a powerful new extended-release opioid, Remoxy™. Executive Director, Lexi Reed Holtum was joined by board member, Michael Daub and medical advisory committee member, Dr. Andrew Kolodny. The FDA advisory committee voted

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