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Due to Minnesota’s current shelter in place order and national social distancing guidelines, we are not scheduling in-person naloxone trainings at this time. We are providing several remote training options, please reach out to to learn more. 04/02/2020: Update to Overdose Rescue Protocol



The Steve Rummler HOPE Network provides critical education and training across the state of Minnesota and beyond. Our training sessions have been held at large hospitals, universities, community centers and even for retail store security staff. We believe that everyone should learn how to recognize and reverse an opioid overdose.

The Steve Rummler HOPE Network (SRHN) under the medical direction of Dr. Anne M. Pylkas, MD has five primary communities which we serve and several ways in which we can partner with you to assist your community in preventing opioid overdose deaths. Those five communities are outlined below:

Hospital Emergency Departments, MAT Clinics, and Detox Center Naloxone Kit Distribution

The SRHN partners to provide kits to these facilities to be given to individuals that have survived an opioid overdose or are at risk of an overdose; kits are also offered to their family members or loved ones.


Treatment Centers and Sober Living Facilities

This portion of our program is two-tiered:

  1. Train all staff and have naloxone on-site at every facility.
  2. Educated clients and their family members/loved ones about Steve’s Law and provide them with access to naloxone kits.


Public Naloxone Training

We train lay people in cities across the state. Some examples of public training sessions we’ve held include universities, churches, Rotary, town forums, individual house gatherings, retail store security, etc. We are happy to offer training sessions wherever needed.


First Responders


We support all first responder agencies (including law enforcement and volunteers) in three ways:

  1. We will connect your agency with your EMS Region head to assist you in receiving state-provided support. (view the EMSRB Region map here)
  2. We will provide naloxone training for your agency or train staff to be trainers.
  3. You can utilize the SRHN’s standing order so that your agency can house and dispense naloxone; this eliminates the need for your agency to have a medical director. If your agency has a medical director we can provide support documentation of the law and examples of standing orders in support of your medical director creating a standing order specific to your agency.


Treatment Court (Formerly Drug Court)

We provide training and naloxone for individuals in the drug treatment program and staff.

Please contact us at to schedule a training or
for more information. Together we can save lives!


The Overdose Prevention Program grew out of the need for implementation of Steve’s Law (Minnesota Good Samaritan/Naloxone legislation) which passed unanimously through both houses of the Minnesota state legislature in 2014. Steve’s Law provides limited immunity to those who call 911 in good faith to save a life and allows first responders, law enforcement and trained lay people to administer naloxone, which can counteract the effects of an opioid overdose within minutes.

We offer training on three types of naloxone administration devices.

  • Evzio Auto Injector®
  • Intermuscular Injection with Vial and Syringe
  • Narcan Nasal®

Below are helpful links for organizations and others.


Information for Recovery Organizations and Professionals

Information for County Attorneys


The Steve Rummler HOPE Network is advocating for public policies and legislation at the local, state and national levels that will improve care and can be life-saving for those suffering from chronic pain and the disease of addiction.

We are letting the FDA know that they are not doing their job!

We attend hearings, send letters, and rally our supporters to let the FDA know that they need to take action NOW to save us from the devastation of our nation’s epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths.


The Citizens Coalition for Overdose Prevention

A coalition supporting the implementation of Steve’s Law (Minnesota 911 Good Samaritan/Naloxone legislation). This law provides limited immunity to those who call 911 in good faith to save a life and allows first responders, law enforcement and trained lay people to administer naloxone, which can counteract the effects of an opioid overdose within minutes.


Contact your members of Congress about important pending legislation

We are supporting 911 Good Samaritan and naloxone legislation across the country

Many states still do not have this life-saving legislation or have watered-down versions. Our staff and volunteers share their experience lobbying and leading a successful passage in Minnesota with other states.


We're supporting the passage of important legislation in Washington D.C.

We identify legislation introduced in the Senate or House of Representatives that will help to turn the tide in our struggle against the epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths. We attend hearings, send letters, and rally our supporters to contact their members of Congress, providing hope for those with chronic pain and the disease of addiction.

We provide leadership for the FED UP! Coalition

Founder of the Steve Rummler HOPE Network, Judy Rummler, serves as Chair of the FED UP! Coalition and the FED UP! Rally Steering Committee. Our federal branch of advocacy which calls for immediate, comprehensive federal action to end the epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths. FED UP! is the conscience of our federal government – a government that has failed to protect the American people. See to learn more.

Who Are We? We are families who have been ripped apart by opioids. We have lost loved ones to death or addiction. We are medical experts and advocates who understand that the root cause of the problem is overprescribing.  This is a grassroots coalition, all seeking action from the federal government to bring this public health crisis to an end. We accept no money from pharmaceutical companies or their affiliates and 100% of the donations we receive are directly applied to managing the costs of holding our Fed Up! Rallies. We are beholden to no one – except our lost loved ones, or our family members struggling with addiction. We have come together to save lives.

Every year, families, organizations, and allies from across our nation stand together in an alliance at the steps of the White House. Local rallies in nearly every state unify our message on a single day of raising awareness and demanding action from the federal government. Will you join us?

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The Steve Rummler HOPE Network is providing educational opportunities (including CME) on pain management, addiction, and the responsible prescribing of pain medications for medical students, practicing physicians and other prescribers.

In partnership with the Minnesota Medical Association and the University of Minnesota Medical School, we have taken action to ensure that physicians and other prescribers have access to the information they need in order to fulfill the role they must play in bringing an end to our epidemic of addiction and overdose deaths.

We are presenting a series of lectures on pain management and addiction to the medical students at the University of Minnesota. These lectures are filmed and distributed on the Minnesota Medical Association website as free, enduring Continuing Medical Education (CME) available to practicing physicians and other prescribers across the country.

The lectures provide education on the responsible use of opioids, and on alternative methods to treat pain … education that is still lacking in most medical schools across the country.

Prescribers should also know

  • We are also providing training for prescribers in the safe and appropriate use of naloxone, the benign, life-saving drug, which can counteract the effects of an opioid overdose within minutes.  Legislation in Minnesota and elsewhere has made this drug more readily available.


The mission of Physicians for Responsible Opioid Prescribing (PROP) is to reduce opioid-related morbidity and mortality by promoting cautious and responsible prescribing practices.

Though “Physicians” is in our name, our membership is not limited to doctors. Other health professionals and lay people- anyone with a desire to promote more cautious prescribing practices – can join PROP.

Our lecture series on pain, opioids, and addiction are available to watch on the Minnesota Medical Association’s website. If your browser supports embedded iframe elements, you can navigate the MMA’s website below, without leaving this page. Otherwise, please visit the pain, opioids, and addiction lecture series website here.



We need your help to end this epidemic. Come save lives and make lasting change with us.


Stay up to date with the Steve Rummler HOPE Network.

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