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The Minnesota Medical Association Fights Alongside Us in the War on Opioid Overdose

Understanding chronic pain and addiction is the first step in changing the way it’s treated. Our understanding is shaped by the research and expertise of our supporters in the medical community. Among the greatest of these supporters is the Minnesota Medical Association (MMA).

The MMA is a non-profit association representing more than 10,000 medical professionals—physicians, residents, and medical students. The MMA’s Annual Conference, dubbed “The Great Minnesota Medical Get Together,” offered the perfect platform for us to articulate our mission and expand our network of medical professionals. Opioid addiction was a noteworthy theme of the conference, and our Executive Director Lexi Reed Holtum was invited to deliver a speech on the subject.

Others who spoke about the current state of opioid use and abuse in the nation included Research Health Science Specialist Dr. Erin Krebs, and Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine Specialist Dr. Charles Reznikoff. Charts and graphs all painted a sobering picture—opioid overdose related deaths are dangerously on the rise. Dr. Reznikoff, a member of our esteemed Medical Advisory Committee, oversees a prescriber education program called “Pain, Opioids, and Addiction.” The lecture series is a collaboration between the SRHN, the MMA, and the University of Minnesota Medical School.

The success of our overdose prevention and prescriber education programs relies on our partners in the medical field. Together our efforts are saving lives.

Alicia Haugh


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